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Q. I have a problem with my website, can I transfer the management to Mirec

Yes Mirec, will have a no-fee consultation to review what your issue is and give a free recommendation on the way forward.

Q. I want to set up a payment portal for my website so I can collect payments online, can Mirec set this up for me and/or recommend a credible merchant.

Yes Mirec can set this up for you and also recommend a credible local merchant for that purpose. There are typical issues with downtimes and reliable merchants but we can help recommend the best and configure it accordingly.

Q. Does Mirec provide domain and hosting services

Yes Mirec provides hosting and domain services through another platform accessible at You can do it yourself by following the payment methods available online however if you do this at our office it will attract extra charges.

Q. Can I request for what kind of software development technology I want and will my request be granted?

Mirec has vast expertise in several technologies, we are open to your request and will advise and recommend based on the ease of usage and the timeframe of development. If you have a special need when you put in your request please state what it is.

Q. I submit a lot of proposals to Government agencies pertaining to bidding e.t.c., can Mirec help me with packaging and proposal development.

Mirec is vast at the packaging of proposals for submission purposes; we will consult with you to get a strong grasp of the proposal/project at hand and recommend a TOC (Table of Content) Summary to you for approval. We will also consult on costing and billing and advise accordingly to guide that your submission/proposal has been given the best chance of success. We will also design, print and package any materials that may need to be branded to give your proposal the edge it needs prior to submission. Talk to one of our representatives today.

Q. What are the various types of sites that are developed by MIREC?

There are 2 types of websites designed by MIREC; Template Design and Custom Design. Custom Design can further be separated into Non- CMS and CMS sites.

Q. What is a CMS site and what are the benefits?

CMS simply means Content Management System. This is more flexible than others; it gives the owner Administrative rights that allows him to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. One of the advantages is that content can be deleted and new ones uploaded as the need arises without necessarily contacting the Developer. It is very Flexible

Q. How long will it take for my site to be developed?

Depending on the type of site requested, a site can be built between 3days to 8weeks.

Q. Can I migrate from a non-CMS site to a CMS site when I feel there is a need for it?

Yes, one can migrate from a Non-CMS to a CMS site, however, it is advisable to have the CMS from the beginning as migrating will cost more.

Q. Do I get total control/management of my site after it is developed?

Yes the customer can have control of his site if he so wishes.

Q. What is the probability that my site will be accessible when visited?

The probability is very high. In terms of percentage, MIREC assures the customer of 99.9% up time.

Q. Can MIREC manage my site if I so wish?

Yes MIREC can manage a customer’s site if he so wishes.