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Business IT Consultancy Services

Project Management & Consulting

As project managers we understand the needs of every project regardless of type, size or duration. Our wealth of experience allows us to render services that can ensure that your projects are completed on time, cost and quality. Our strategy is to effectively manage these three key factors using cutting edge technology to identify possible problematic regions in every project we work on. We will conduct an initial assessment of the proposed project and identify potential high risk areas that could affect the successful completion before specifying the appropriate management tools to put in place.

Business Studies, Reports & Packaging

Mirec develops business studies such as feasibility studies, pre-feasibility studies and financial projections for several sectors and subsectors. Our initial focus spun around information technology, specifically the telecommunication industry, but in recent times we have expanded to produce such proposals and studies for other sectors such as the Environmental Sector, Security Sector, Renewable Energy and others that have may integrate IT in their operations.

We act as subcontractors for contractors who have proposals to submit to their clients by helping them package their business in a manner that is reputable, noteworthy and most of all competitive. We also develop feasibility studies that can assist our clients who are interested in venturing into a particular business mostly in the West African Region.

Data Gathering & Reporting

Data gathering & reporting projects can be demanding and sometimes prove impossible. Mirec provides data gathering & reporting services for agencies and organizations that need statistical information for private researches or researches affiliated with global groups such as the United Nations, World Health Organization etc.

We provide human resources and design custom technology necessary to transmit data gathered for analysis and reporting. Our experts are well skilled in geographic information systems capturing, storing, analyzing, managing and reporting all kinds of data regardless of project type or size.

Application Software Design & Development

Our services in this area involve the custom design and development of application software tailored to fit the needs and requirements of our clients. We take each of our clients through an Executive Meeting session and develop a requirement document of which we use as a guide as we develop the system to ensure quality control and consumer satisfaction.